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“Divine Mercy is manifold; One can do good always and everywhere
and at all times. An ardent love of God sees all around itself constant
opportunities to share itself through deed, work and prayer” (Diary, 1313).



The Institute of Divine Mercy, founded by Father Michael Sopoćko in 1937, is a women’s lay institute of consecrated life. Its members undertake to live according to evangelical counsels: chastity, poverty and obedience. They do not lead the communal life. The significant feature of the institute is its apostolic character.
An individual apostolate within one’s own community constitutes the main, to some extent statutory, operation of the members. Proclaiming Divine Mercy through the example of their own life, intentionally and responsibly, tactfully and gently, they try to help their neighbours in discovering superior spiritual values.
The members of the Institute of Divine Mercy include married women (with the permission of their husbands) and single people. They participate in the mission and life of the Institute without taking vows, but instead, they make affirmations according to the adopted rules.

18 Łazienna St., 87-800 Toruń
(Toruń Diocesan Curia, Department of Consecrated Life Matters)


In the history of Church, through the example of lives of many saints, God has revealed various roads to achieve eternal happiness. In our times, one of the roads was revealed by God through Sister Faustina. All who in their hearts discover the call to walk that road, may join the Apostolic Movement of Divine Mercy to which belongs the Society of the Apostles of Divine Mercy “Faustinum”. It was formed in 1996 and unites members from 80 countries around the world. Members of “Faustinum” proclaim Divine Mercy through the example of their lives, acts, words and prayer.

3 Siostry Faustyny St., 30-420 Cracow

"At the hour of their death, I defend as My own glory every soul that will say this chaplet; or when others say it for a dying person, the indulgence is the same" (Diary, 811).

at the Congregation of the Sisters of Merciful Jesus


In spiritual unity with Saint Sister Faustina, we would like to cordially invite worshippers of the Divine Mercy to undertake an individual prayer or to participate in the perpetual prayer with THE CHAPLET OF DIVINE MERCY - for the grace of mercy for the dying.

A prayer can be offered by anyone who wishes to unite in a daily prayer with the prayer group at the Congregation of the Sisters of Merciful Jesus. We believe that in this way we will fulfill the wish of Lord Jesus and contribute to trusting acceptance of the grace of salvation by the dying in our families and all over the world.

Personal information including the name, address, period of the day and the day and time of the declared prayer may be sent to the Congregation of the Sisters of Merciful Jesus by regular mail, e-mail: sopocko@faustyna.eu

 “...but write this for the many souls who are often worried because they do not have the material means with which to carry out an act of mercy. Yet spiritual mercy, which requires neither permissions nor storehouses, is much more meritorious and is within the grasp of every soul. If a soul does not exercise mercy somehow or other, it will not obtain My mercy on the day of judgment” (Diary, 1317).

See “The duty to practice the works of mercy”

at the Church of the Society of Jesus in Łódź (Poland)

The monument of Saint Sister Faustina at the Niepodległości Square in Łódź

By decree of the Holy See dated December 10, 2005, Saint Sister Faustina Kowalska was declared the patron saint of the city of Łódź. It was on the streets of Łódź where at the initiative of the group “The Spark of Divine Mercy” the first ever prayer with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy took place. It was on September 28, 2008, the day of beatification of Father Michael Sopoćko in Białystok.

Thus, September 28 became the day of prayer for the Christians on all continents. On that day, the street preachers of the Divine Mercy Chaplet go out to the streets of cities with white boards bearing the red inscription ”JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU”, to pray and invite others to pray.

The initiators of the prayers on the city streets look for allies in prayer all over the world. With their effort the invitation was translated into several languages (including Chinese and Japanese). It reached thousands of sanctuaries, parishes, societies and individuals on all continents. Regardless of the distance and time zone, everybody can pray at 3:00pm local time on their local streets. 3:00pm is the hour of death of Lord Jesus on the cross – THE HOUR OF DIVINE MERCY.


“By means of this Image I shall be granting many graces,
so let every soul have access to it" (Diary, 570).

On the initiative of the Foundation of the Apostles of Merciful Jesus operating at the Church of the Society of Jesus in Łódź (see Copy of agreement) (the organizer and sponsor of the 2003 conservation works on the Divine Mercy painting), in March 2004 a professional photographic session of the first painting of the Merciful Jesus was held at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Vilnius. The photocopies developed from the 20cm slides taken with a professional camera have been made available by the Foundation for the public evangelization.

The Image of Merciful Jesus for printing



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